Welcome to 2020!! Hopefully you had a great golf year last year, but let’s face it, we all want to get better. If your 2020 resolution includes lowering your scores, then I want to try and help a little. This is not a sexy way to change your swing, but a reality of how getting better at golf can be as simple as thinking about it.

We all want that swing advice that will change our world, but the reality is that doesn’t exist. Here is maybe the most obvious, yet misunderstood, statement in golf:

Making changes in your golf swing is HARD!!

Sure you know that. We all know that. And yet we keep thinking we are going to make those changes. Here is the thing about making swing changes… you have to put in time, A LOT of time. Swing changes don’t mean that you forget what you were doing before, which means you are trying to create new movements. In order for your body/muscles to make those new movements you have to rehearse the heck out of them.

So, if it is that hard, what should I do? Well first off stick to reading this blog. I will regularly post here some helpful advice. The first being this… swing slow! You have to feel your movements in order to change or ingrain anything. Make super slow swings, and see your positions. You can’t fix something if you don’t know where your issue lies, and swinging slowly will help you see what that is. And when I say slow, I mean really slow (about 5-10% of your normal swing speed).

That is just a start, just like January 1 is just a start. Make the journey fun, and expect and accept those bad days/holes/shots.

We will be back soon #outsouth