Happy Birthday to arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus. The golf world owes so much to this man, and we here in Emporia are no different. Some of my favorite take aways from Mr. Nicklaus:

His focus. Any time you see a video of Jack you could see in his eyes just how much the game and winning meant to him.

His memory. Jack never missed a putt when it counted, just ask him. We could all learn from the mentality that he created where he wasn’t going to allow his negative memories to be recalled during important times. Remember the good, forget the bad.

His putter. The ’86 Masters putt is amazing, but just youtube some of his other putts. Simply mesmerizing.

His love. His love of golf, his love of his family, his love of winning, his love of his competitors.

The list could go on and on, but this is a short blog post, so we will just end with enjoy your 80’s Jack!!